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Camella Colina Is located at San Pedro, Laguna.

Surviving the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila’s many roads every day can really zap all of the energy within you. Staying at home all week won’t be an option either because you need to fulfill your responsibilities in the office or school. At the same time, you’ll also need various supplies or accomplish different tasks away from your residence when the situation calls for it. It’s always better to choose a home that’s near all of the places you frequent. In this case, there’s no better option out there than Camella Colina.

Situated in San Pedro, Laguna, this residential development keeps you closer to where all the action happens. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to spend hours just to get to different parts of the metro. Your home in Camella Colina is just five minutes away from the San Pedro toll exit of SLEX, giving you absolute freedom and convenience to your travels. With the help of this strategic location, you can reach your workplace in Alabang, Bonifacio Global City, Ortigas Center, and the Central Business District in Makati.

This is made possible, thanks to major roads connecting this residential development to important parts of Metro Manila. Vital thoroughfares, such as EDSA, C-5, Coastal Road, MCX, NAIAX, and Roxas Boulevard, are all accessible from your place in Camella Colina. With these assorted travel options in your hands, you can be in any point of Metro Manila without losing to traffic.

If you are saving up for a car or yours isn’t permitted on the road on a specific day, you’re bound to encounter a lot of challenges in getting around. Although this is the standard, you don’t need to face a problem of this kind when you live in Camella Colina. There are a lot of options available for you when it comes to public transportation. As soon as you step out of this residential development, you’ll find a wide array of jeepneys, buses, and vans to transport you. Surely your commuting experience will be a lot better when you start travelling from your new home here.

Finding places to explore won’t be a problem for you in Camella Colina. In fact, there are so many commercial centers you and your loved ones can visit. You can spend your time in Robinsons San Pedro, GLM Shopper Center, and Harmony Village Mall, for starters. You can also travel for a few minutes to reach Alabang Town Center, SM Sucat, Market Market, and SM Aura, among others. Plus, you’ll also discover various convenience stores, markets, restaurants and cinemas within the vicinity.

Of course, these commercial centers are just the tip of the iceberg. Camella Colina is surrounded by reputable schools and hospitals to serve you. Educational institutions, such as Sisters of Mary Immaculate School, Creative School of San Perdo, and San Beda Alabang, are near this residential development for the benefit of your children. Along with these schools, San Pedro Doctors Hospital, Divine Mercy Hospital, and Evangelista Medical Specialty Hospital are within a few minutes from Camella Colina. This close distance will come in handy when you encounter a medical emergency.

It won’t do you any good if you keep getting stuck in traffic and waking up early just to compensate for this problem. The best course of action is to choose a residence that’s strategic to your daily routine. Among all the other options out there, Camella Colina stands out due to its close proximity to major roads, business districts, commercial centers, schools, and hospitals. Just take a look at its location and you’ll find out how beneficial this residential development can be for you.

Location :

  • A Mediterranean-inspired development in the bustling town of San Pedro in Laguna.
  • 5 minutes to San Pedro Exit and San Pedro Town Center • 10 minutes to Alabang
  • 30 minutes to Makati
  • COLINA is a 6-ha quiet and safe retreat from the outside world yet city-close.
  • This Mediterranean-inspired enclave offers two-storey homes with floor areas ranging from 64 sqm to 81 sqm and lot areas from 80 sqm to 100 sqm
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